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Animal Fairy Tales, Fables, Fact Or Fiction

December 5th - 21st, 2013

Guest Artist: Frances Melhop


Throughout the history of the world in cultures near and far, animals have played a huge part in the world of art.

From the beginning of time when man first scrawled a buffalo on cave walls to the present time; animals are characterized and depicted in stories, cartoons and movies. The rich history of animals represented in mythologies and folktales is endless. These animals awaken our creative spirit and feed our imagination.

From the years of the zodiac to the spirits of totem poles animals and animal icons play a huge part in our everyday life.


Beverly Archer
Rachel Bruskoff
Sam Bryer
Christine Caldwell
Marc Cote
Kathy Crabbe
Nancy Dillen
Jessica  Fife
Nicole Finger
Doreen Foster
Laurelin Gilmore

Flora Golden

Vanessa Gonzalez

Elizabeth Graehling

Linda Gunn

Annette Hassell

Adrian Hatfield

Nancy Hayes

Erin Hinz

Evan Hockett

Judith Hopkins

Jinwoo Kim

Fran Lee


Les Mayers
Cathy Martin

Heather Mckey
Frances Melhop
Susan Melly
Megan Merz
Elizabeth Munger
Janie Olsen
Katie OSullivan
Anthony Pessler
Colin Poole
Shannon Richardson

Olga Hofmann
Linda Horsley
Leanne Huynh
Rose Irelan
Oh Ji Hyun
Karen Karlsson
Mindi Katzman
Mollie Kellogg
Patricia Latas
Meryl Lebowitz
Sophia Lee
Subodh Maheshwari
Erika Masterson
Paula Matthiesen
Mimi McCallum
Penny McManigal
Susan Melly
Julie Miles
Andrea Moni
Peggy  Nichols
Varsha Patel
Iriet Peshkess




Heather Arenas

Sabrina Armitage

Echo Baker

Eve Chartrand

Joanne Chase-Mattill

Annie Chen

Wook Hee Choo

Marianne Eichenbaum

Marianne Elson

Cynthia  Fleury

Ming Franz

Emily Gibbons

Yobana Graciano

Connie Grappo

Cynthia Grilli

Sarah Hardt

Anne Herrero

Robin Hextrum

Robin Hiers

Kim Hill

Erin Hinz



Kristine Poole
Serena Potter
Vanessa Powell
Rachel Sard
Gretchen Shannon
Kat Shoa
Emily  Slapin
Leslie Sollberger
Joan Sowada
Kathleen Strukoff
Elisabeth Sullivan
Cynthia  Swan
Suzanne Villella
Shirle Wempner
Robyn West
AK Westerman
Beth Yazhari
Karen Yee
Inka Zamoyska
Natasha Zaninovic-Brubaker

Women in Art

November 7th - 28th, 2013



Since ancient times, women artists have been creating alongside their male counterparts. Throughout history, women artists have been creating incredible artworks.


Mary Cassatt, Sofonisba Anguissola, Marie Bracquemond, Mary Beale, Mary Cassatt and Camille Claudel helped pave the way for the contemporary giants, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Whiteread, Joan Mitchell, Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Agnes Martin , Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger.

The show is dedicated to the spirit and creativity of all women artists, past and present.


Renee Bangerter
Mike Bell
Shayne Bohner:
aka Shayne of the Dead
Lynda Burbank
Jeff Brown
Virginia Carroll
Jessie Chernetsky
Lynn Coleman
Angie Cornelius

Leila Cothran - Illustrated Ink
Claudia  Dominguez
Pauline Fernandez
Jessica Fife
Aaron Gabriel
Lynda Gardner

Susie Garrett
Elizabeth Graehling



Susan Brandt Graham
Stijn Helsen
Clay Hoffman
Sebastian Hyde
David Kammerzell
Michael Kellner
Michael McAlister
Darren Melander
Julie Miles
Louise Nylander

Arnold Anthony Orosco
John Pierce




Carly Quinn
Lorena Rivera
Carissa Rose
Donald Rosser
Ashley  Schonborn
Eldon Slick
Piero Taico
Kat Tatz
Ali Thompson
Stephanie Ulrich
Amanda Valdes
Karen Yust


Bring Us Your Dead - Dia de los Muertos

October 3 to October 31,  2013

Guest Artist: Arnold Anthony Orosco


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. It is an ancient and enduring ritual when the living commune with the dead – a mystical night when the veil is lifted between their two realms and they may share a day together.

The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico, where it is a national holiday, and all banks are closed. The historical roots of this celebration date back to the pre-Hispanic cultures of Meso-America of the indigenous people, especially the Nahua (Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecas, Tlaxcaltec, Chichimec, Tecpanec) and others native to Mexico more than 3,000 years.


For this show, Las Laguna Gallery displayed works from 41 unique artists.

small works - Big Talent

September 7th -28th 2013


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” - Vincent Van Gogh



Works included mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, ink, graphite, glass, and pastels.

We selected a varied array of works from talented artists across the nation.


For this group exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery selected 89 spectacular artists.

Tom Acevedo
Michael Acosta
Ron Anderson
Carolynn  Baker
Karrie Baldwin
Nancy Bardach
Sarah M Bender
Kathleen Benton
Stan Bowman
Rick Bulman
Patrick Carr
Eve Chartrand
Doina Ciobanu
Lynn Coleman
Penny Collins
Polly Cook

Hilary  Couch
Ronnie Cramer
Nika Cranmer
Robin Daning
Andreina Davila
Charlotte Dean
Erik Deerly
Sandro Del Rosario
Nancy Dillen
Jeanne Dowd
Janet Edwards
G Eliot
Julie Elman
Tamara Embrey


Michelle Fair
Robert Fiacco
Misoo Filan
Amanda Fish
Sandra Fraser-Dust
Jeanie Gebhart
Gayle Gerson
Inguna Gremzde
Anne Hallam
Brenda Hurst
Holly Jerger
David Kammerzell
Karen Karlsson
Darlene Katz
Silvana Kenney
Rita Klachkin
Melissa Lackman
Giorgio Landa
Ja Young Lee
Kent LeFevre
Chalda Maloff
Carol Maltby
Dana Mano-Flank
Amy Mathews
Gabriele Maurus
Bridget May
Les Mayers
Betty McDonald
Mi-Hee Nahm
Louise Nylander



Shilo Ratner

Weston Riffle
E Rodz
Debra Rogers
Laura Phelps Rogers
Carol Roullard
Amanda Rouse
Cristina Sayers
Shea Casey Shea
Karen Shimoda
Alan Singer
Norine Spurling
Joseph Stauffer
Leslie Stoner
Stephen Strom
Denise Tarantino
Diana Unterspan
Amanda Valdes
Virginia Vogel
Annette Wagner
Wanda Waldera
Deborah Weir
Diana Wieler
Kathleen Williams
Leslie Wilson
Evie Yapelli
Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash
Inka Zamoyska
Mara Zaslove


All Things Considered

August 3 to August 31, 2013



Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present
All Things Considered.

Works included mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, ink, graphite, glass, and pastels.

Hundereds of images were submitted and we selected a varied array of works from talented artists across the nation.


Michael Acosta

Pedro Arieta

Jack Azar

Ty Bowman

Margee Bright-Ragland
Lynda Burbank

Jean Burnett

Eve Chartrand

Annie Chen

Michael Coakes

Marianne Eichenbaum



Lynn Fero
Emilyann Gachko
LaMoin Garrard
Kristina  Hagman
Jose Hernandez
Olga Hofmann
Michele Janee
David Kammerzell
Rebecca Kaufman
Siegfried Knop
Melissa Lackman



Marie Massey
Patricia McLain
Lily Nava
Chloe DeeNoble
John Pierce
Susan Redeker
Carol Roullard
Lori Shocket
Virga Siauciunaite
Melissa Whitaker


Portraits: A Focus on the Face
July 6th - July 27th, 2013



Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present

Portraits: A Focus on the Face

Works included mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, ink, graphite, glass, and pastels.

Hundereds of images were submitted and we selected a varied array of works from talented artists across the nation.


Aktham AbdulQader
Thar AbdulQader

Tom Acevedo

David Alvarado

Kyle And

Ileana Barbu

Bhavna Bhen

Martin Blender

Margee Bright-Ragland

Constance Brinkley

Rick Bulman

Michele Castagnetti

Ruane Condron

Brett Erickson

Jeanne Ferraro

Pauline Fernandez

Gregory Gallardo

Andrea Guile

Minh Hang
Drew Hoffman


Terry Hutchinson
Wataru ITO

Russell Jacobs

Sarah Jewett

Ginnie Lange

K Larocca

Heather Lenefsky

Ryn Lim
Katie Moss
Hana Mulyati

Pieter Myers

Hal Myers

Khoi Nguyen

Nila Oakes

Jory Pacht

Eric Raddatz

Janet Roe

Lisa Ruiz

Roberta Schofield

Storm Sermay

Denise Shaffer

Enzie Shahmiri

Emily Shapiro

Brantly Sheffield

Deirdre  Shibano

Lori Shocket

Virga Siauciunaite

Pablo Solares
William Stanton

Hiroshi Suzuki

Denise Tarantino

Lisa Timman

Paul Valadez

Rachel van der Pol
Diana Unterspan

Sara Vida
Andrew Wells

Erica Williams

Sara Zin

Jason  Kuncas

July 6th - June 27th 2013


 JK has been creating images since childhood. Born on Catalina Island, California in 1975, the artist began painting watercolors at a very early age. He studied fine art at San Clemente High School and then travelled to the high desert to gain a Bachelors of Art degree from The University of Arizona in 1998.

Shortly after college, JK walked through the museums of Europe for months to study the works of the Renaissance masters. However the ocean lifestyle of Southern California brought him back home to begin his professional career.  While the artist continued to take specialized painting courses at Laguna College of Art and Design, he was also working as an apprentice for a professional muralist in Newport Beach.

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