The Lake
Mini faces series 2
Summer Bloom
Regular And Ethyl
Abide In Me

small works – BIG TALENT

December 4, to December 27, 2014

Guest Artist: David Kammerzell

Selected from more than 175 entries from artists across the nation,

Las Laugna Gallery is pleased to announce:

small works - BIG TALENT.

This is the second year that Las Laguna Gallery asked artists to show their BIG TALENTS with smaller sizes, but more percision.The show features work in Acrylic, Oil, Graphite, Photography and Mixed Media.



Stephanie Baugh

Gabriel Broady

Polly Cook

Jamal De Jong

Marin Dobson

Bruce Erikson

Rinat Goren

Jeanine Hattas Wilson



Evan Hockett
Brenda Hurst

David Kammerzell
Steve Kennedy
Ann Kim
Remi Lai
Paxton Maroney
Delaram Mowatt



Mary Neubauer

Linda Oszajca

Andrea Pavles

Erin Pezdek

Lin Schiffner

Carl Shubs

Hannah Stahulak

Patrice Sullivan




Day of the Dead Cat
Dia de los Muertos Skellie
Skull (Red)
Culture Clash Series Life vs Death
Haunted by Angels
Reflection On Perception -
Alice in Wonderland

Seitaku \"Tak\" Aoyama
Siena Baldi
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Kathy Braceland
Deprise Brescia
Jane  Burson
Gloria Chadwick
Simona  Candini

Gloria Chadwick
Christian Dallas
Rachel Duncan
Carlo Fantin
Brooke Figer
Nicole Gagner
Richard Greene
Evan Hockett


Will Koffman

Gene Lazo

Babette Mayor

Mallory Milke

Chris Napolitano

Claudia Posvar

Vanessa Powell

Kat Tatz

Debra Wells



Bring Us Your Dead - Dia de los Muertos
November 2, to November 29th, 2014

Guest Artist: Kat Tatz

Inspired by the Mexican Holiday - Dia de los Muertos, this group exhibition features art from artists across the nation.

Artworks include traditional and digital photography.


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. It is an ancient and enduring ritual when the living commune with the dead – a mystical night when the veil is lifted between their two realms and they may share a day together.



The Seer of Shadows
Wild Ride
Day Dream
Marblehead Night Lights
Breathtaking Sunset Reflection

October 2 to October 25, 2014

Guest Artist: Vanesa Powell

This group exhibition features art from artists across the nation.

Artworks include traditional and digital photography.

The selection of works was made from over 165 entries from local, national and international artisans. 


Jane Gottlieb

Richard Greene
Alena Hagedorn
Howard Harris
Julia Hiebaum

Mattie Mallernee



Christer Berg
Bridget Bourgon
Helen Bradshaw
Jillian Branch
Michael Coakes
Denis Frolov


Michael Miner
Vanessa Powell
Terrence Robertson-Fall

Jill Schwartz
Mark Timothy

DeEtte Viterbo
Marydorsey Wanless




Boardwalk Bowl
Lunch At The Zoo

Absolutely Incredible
September 4 to September 27, 2014

Guest Artist: Tom Swearingen


This group exhibition features art from artists across the nation.

Artworks include works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite and cut paper, traditional and digital photography, photomontage, illustration and more.

The selection of works was made from over 150 entries from local, national and international artisans. 


Tom Acevedo
Terry Arenas

Ana Bagayan

Echo Baker

Shari Cerney

James Ellison


Susana Falconi

Richard Greene
David Kammerzell
Oneyung Kim

Karin Lamson




Tom Lowe

Kerby Rosanes
Jill Schwartz
Tom Swearingen

Mark Timothy

Richard Wynne

Blooming Flight
Golden Carps
Mechanical Bird

Birds, Bees and Everything In-Between

August 7 to August 24, 2014

Guest Artist: Susana  Falconi


This animal themed group exhibition features art from artists across the nation. Artworks include works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite and cut paper, traditional and digital photography, photomontage, illustration and more.

The selection of works was made from over 150 entries from local, national and international artisans. 


Terry Arena

Margot Berghaus

Bridget Bourgon

Barbie  Brady

Tina Dille

Susana  Falconi

Thomas Ferrella

Roger Gathman


Vanessa Gonzalez

Richard Greene

Carol Hanna

Olga Hofmann

Margaret (Margi) Hopkins

Louisa Wallace Jacobs

Margaret King


Sonali Kukreja

Janie Olsen

Katie O'Sullivan

Kerby Rosanes

Ry Sangalang

Trevor Walker

Nancy Walters

Richard Wynne


Half ice, Half flame#1
Charlottenburg #5 (Priya & Sasha)
Dancing the Past Into the Future
Dance Study #2

Runwen Chen

Michael  Coakes

June Glasson

Liana Gor

Richard Greene

Ganna Halvorsen


Tif Holmes

Darlene Katz

Becky Laff

Leisa Luis-Grill

Alessandra Pagliuca

Derwood Pamphilon



Virga Siauciunaite

Anneli Skaar

Elizabeth Szymczak

Mark  Timothy

Patrick Whitaker


Art of Dance
July 3rd  to July 23, 2014

Guest Artist: Michael Coakes

For this exhibition titled:  “Art of Dance” Las Laguna Gallery found artists from around the globe that created works that capture the essence of dance.

Through the use of brush, hand and camera these talented artists have created works that convey fluidity with color and stroke.

The results are a treat to the eyes. This set of works effectively show energy, poise and grace while exposing the intricacy of human form.

This show features two-and three-dimensional art, including painting, photography, mixed media and digital media.

I Phantom
Cocktail Hour
Michelle Kingdom-Little by little, there was scarcely anything left - 4_in. x 3i
Lady Starlight

Through My Eyes - How I See It
June 5 to  June 27, 2014

Guest Artist: Grgory Gallardo

Selected works from talented artists from across the nation.

This show features two-and three-dimensional art, including embroidery, painting, photography, mixed media and digital media.

Angela Cruz

Terri  Deskins

Gregory Gallardo

Sofia Garzon

Richard Greene


Chelsea Hart
Michelle Kingdom
Lauretta Lowell
Grigor Malinov
Robin McCarthy
Evelyn McCorristin-Peters


Anthony Monaco
Carly Quinn
Joel Tesch
Gina Yu
Carol Walker
Andrea Zinn


Shiva's Dance
Bare Rug
Cathexis in Clay
Winter: Call Me!

Male-Man - Women Artists Depicting Men
Women Only Group Exhibition
May to May 30, 2014
Guest Artist: DebiLynn Fendley 

According to National Geographic, women have been painting since prehistoric time. Some of the earliest art found in caves are reportedly made by women.

For this artist exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery selected works from talented artists from across the nation. Some of the works are figurative, some are presentational and some even abstract.

This group of artist defined the male form through line, shape, color, light and dark, mass, volume, texture, and perspective.
Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to show their works.


Margaryta Chaplinska
Nancy Cuevas
Katie Commodore
DebiLynn Fendley
Cynthia Grilli


Koreena Hemker

Lori Klopp

Jerrie Hurd
Kassandra  Mattia
Susan Melly

Elise Nyenhuis




Claire Menegatti
Lisa Russo
Clara Saprasa

Elizabeth Szymczak

Karen Yee

 Nightscape Number 4
Untitled Bas-relief #11
Roots and Branches
Untitled #10
Field Of Poppies
 Mauna Kea Tree Study #1

For Every Season

April 3 to April 26, 2014

Guest Artist: Anthony Monaco


Art in nature, and nature in art. In one way or another, nature has always been the preferential theme in art. Is it possible to go through life without the two?

Whether it’s the use of natural materials in their work, or the visual representations of nature; artists make connections to nature.

Las Laguna Gallery will be displaying works by artists that have captured the theme of nature and art.


Sarah Ahmad
Kathy Cahill
Norma Eaton
Richard Greene
Chet Geiselman


Seshu Kiran
Michael Miner

Anthony Monaco
Lisa Russo
Carly Quinn
Nataliya Scheib


Kat Shoa
Tom Stratton
Kent Tsurumaru
Carol Walker
Inka Zamoyska
Tricia Zimic

A Dog's Rest
Discard Dog Series Brooch
Katrina - - 20x20.jpg
The Jester
Head in the Clouds
Bailey #2
Puppy Love

Man's Best Friend

March 6th to March 28, 2014

Guest Artist: Debbie Zeitman


"The one absolutely unselfish friend that humans can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts them, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is their dog."

~George Graham Vest, Senator of Missouri, 1855


The saying “Man’s Best Friend” is a phrase that refers to the relationship between domestic dog and humans. Dogs are the most popular pet in the world; due mostly to their loyalty and companionship. They provide protection, unwaveringly love, laughter and joy. This particular call for art is for images celebrating the wonderful companion we call dog.

This show features artists from across the United States with works in oil, acrylic, digital paintings and more.



Marina Aguilera
Wendy Blackwell
Gabrielle Brewer
Salem Cade
Carol Foerster
Debbi Green
Gemma Gylling, CPSA
Judith Hopkins
Margaret (Margi) Hopkins
Jennifer Howard
Hyunju Kim
Christina Kulzer

Christina Lemon
Sharon Leong
Rosanna Lyons
D. Matzen
Evelyn McCorristin-Peters
Jessica McCoy
Mary-Jo Murphy
Bonnie Murray
Amy Richards
Susan Ritz

James Ruby
Karla Smith
Beth Whitlow
Sandra Williams
Maribeth Wright
Kathryn Wronski
Richard Wynne
Amanda Youngblood
Debbie Zeitman

Alyssa Ii
Young Girl From Tibet
Donald Rizzo

Carrie Alter
Echo Baker
Darien Bird
Lillian Blouin


Warren Jacobson
Danica Lundy
Carol Maltby,CPSA
Susan Melly

Donald Rizzo

Christina Smith
Elise Noël Sydora
Diana Unterspan
Carol Walker

First Impressions
February 8 to February 27, 2014
Guest Artist: Carrie Alter


There is a saying that you never get another chance to make the first impression.


An impression is an idea, a feeling, or an opinion about something or someone, that is usually formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence. Impressions have a strong effect on your intellect, feelings, or senses. Some people are captivated, surprised, amazed, or enlightened by their first impressions.


This show explores the idea of first impressions.


Boats in Marina Golden Light
Jubilee Flyer -

24 and under
January 2 to  January 23, 2014

Guest Artist: Les Mayers




Group Exhibition of 22 incredible artists from across the United States.

Works include, acrylic, oil, pen and ink, hand painted ceramic, photography, and scratchboard.


Bruce Erikson
Cynthia Fleury
Monica Guillory
Linda Gunn
Annette Hassell
Nancy Hayes

Judith Hopkins


Andrea Hsu Schouten

Dewey James

Nan Luh

Anthony Monaco

Andrea Moni

Michell Rushfeldt

Les Mayers

Janie Olsen

Carly Quinn

Scott Rolfe

Shelley Schenker
Karen Yee
Carol Walker
Sandra Williams

Erin Zhao