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Night Visions
December 3, to December 31. 2015

Solo Exhibition: Mark Hosmer


The term Chiaroscuro refers to an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on a surface. The word describes the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting.


Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present
the works or Mark Hosmer.

Hosmer is a California based artist who works with oil paint to create narratives that explore desolation, romance, and mood. Through the use of light he explores extreme low-key and high-contrast lighting which forces the viewers to investigate what may be lurking in the shadows. His representational works explore streets, homes, churches, highways, and businesses. The images are devoid of people, but are filled with life.


"A street may suggest movement or destination, but an empty street at 4a.m. suggests that there is nowhere to go nor reason to go there, so just be here, now. Be quiet and know that God is. Some of my pictures are just a pretty scene or an appreciation of a well-restored house. But most have an undercurrent of something not quite known or something lost. Not "meaning" or symbolism, but an invitation to look beneath the surface." - Hosmer.

Talent Plus
November 5, to November 28, 2015

Guest Artist: Nick Reszetar

The word talent originally was meant to represent a unit of mass. It was used in ancient times in Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Middle East to weigh precious metals like gold and silver. The word is often tied to the parable in the Bible Matthew 25:14-30, that explains that one should not hide a God given endowment, and that even one talent is a large sum.

The word talent is now used to describe ones natural and abilities, aptitudes, and inclinations to do something extremely well.

For this exhibition; local, national, and international artists submitted work for this open theme show. The results are inspiring and remarkable.




Melody Allen
Lynda Cohen
Mark Dierker
Sean  Eckols
Roland Escalona
Emily Gordon
Lisa  Herr







Becky  Laff
Olga Lebedeva
Jessica TC Lee
I-Chin Liao
Patricia Martin
Vicki Matheson




Carolin  Peters
Nick Reszetar

Mariana Peirano Royuela
Linda  Ryan
Hannah U
Minh Vu
Bo  Zhong



Kimm Barnes
Julie Cavaz
Catherine Chastain
Daniel Evans







Nicholas Ivans
Sergio Garcia Rill
Jeff Goodsell
Jim Kohatsu
Vicki Matheson





Arnold Anthony Orosco
Justin Reding
Beth Robinson
Kat Tatz





Bring Us Your Dead
October 1 to  October 30, 2015



Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present a artist exhibition inspired by the Day of the Dead.

Las Laguna Gallery invites you to explore a unique journey of love, life, and death. Through the medium of art; artists explore Día de los Muertos; an important Mexican holiday that honors deceased loved ones.

The distinctive celebration has developed from the Aztecs and includes among other things; ofrendas (offerings), altares de muertos (altars of the dead), and calaveras de azúcar (sugar skulls). This ancient and enduring ritual happens when the living commune with the dead – a mystical night when the veil is lifted between their two realms and they may share a day together.

Works in Acrylic, Oil, Digital, Sculptural Art Dolls, Neon, and Photography.




Group Exhibition
w/Guest Artist: Minh Hang
September 3, to September 26, 2015


“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” - J. Depp


This September Las Laguna Gallery features an local and national artists creating drawings, photographs and paintings where a tattoo is the focal point of the work.


Alexandra Dockter-Pullman 

Lisa Foote

Brandy  Gonza¡le

Minh Hang

Judy Horowitz

Olivia  Kates







Patricia  Leeds

Gail Postal
Arnold Anthony Orosco
Jerry Poole
Ayanna Proctor

Carl Shubs





Tristan  Stamm

John Stephenson

Kathy Tiger

Chris Volion

Cecily   Willis

Evie  Yapelli





August 6 to August 29, 2017
Guest Artist: Kat Tatz


Las Laguna Gallery features: Whimsical - an eclectic selection of works from local and national aritsts.

The works in this exhibition were chosen for their capricious and playful themes; vibrant colors, and unique styling.




Melody Allen
Patrick Moran







Paul Roustan

Arnold Anthony Orosco





Paula Rice
Kat Tatz





July 2 to July 31, 2015

Guest Artist: Nela Dunato

Las Laguna Gallery has found artists who have created works of art that explore the nude human figure in varied states of naked bound to make you blush.


We feel that the works in this show successfully challenge and inspired viewers through their depiction of the nude human figure.

This exhibition features local, domestic, national artists with works in  Acrylic, Oil,   Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media,  Traditional and Digital Photography.

Angelo Santoro

Bruce Schultz

Chris Sheridan

Eric Stampfli

Robert Tate

Laurentiu Todie

Eric Wallis




Michelle Lilly

Susan Melly

Patrick Moran
AJ Nadel

Deborah Paswaters
Kerry Rowland Avrech
Brett Ryabik
Pegah Samaie



Tom Acevedo
Bato Bostandzic
Lynne Casal
Nela Dunato
Evgenia Espinoza
Bin Feng
Mallory Gottlieb

Mark Kaufman





Unconventional Means
June 4  to June 27, 2015

Guest Artist: Jason Mecier


This group exhibition features incredible works from talented artists across the nation.


The works include; works in: Collage, Digital Media, New Media, and Mixed Media.





Ron Andrews

Susan Baus

Kristie Benoit

Katie Blaine

Brittany Ellis

Catherine Gamble





Karen Hellwege

Allen Hirsh

Karen Hochman Brown

Matthew Johnson

Robert Koss

Tony Lazorko



Jason  Mecier

Eva Nagy

Eddie Ruskin

Barbara Simcoe

Jesse Staggs

Annie Terrazzo




A Step Into Spring
May 7 to May 30, 2015

Guest Artist: Krisztianna 



This group show features incredible works from talented artists across the world.


The works include; sculpture, oil, acrylic, watercolor, traditional and digital photography mixed media.





Melody Allen

Christine Binns
Allison Bryant
Heather Clements
David Connolly
Sarah Janece Garcia





Terrell Gibbs
Mark Hosmer

Masha Keating

Karin Lamson

Carol Levin

Dolk Lundgren



Lily Nava

Ana Phelps

Christopher Ramsey

Kat Tatz
Andrea Zinn





Mieko Anekawa

Allison  Bryant

Kim Cantley

Margaret  Davis

Mark Dierker

Ed Giganti





Ricki Klages

Stephanie Luke

Nanci  McGraw

Cam Miller

Paul Osborne

Aghnieszka Pilat


Karen Richter

Ramya Sarveshwar

Karen Yee

Andrea Zinn

Anna Zusman




Holding Moments - A Still Life Exhibition

April 2 to May 2, 2015

Guest Artists Karen Yee & Ramya Sarveshwar


Still life is the study of inanimate objects.
For this exhibition we asked artists in painting medias and photography to explore and arrange commonly found objects to create unique and thoughtful narratives.


The works include; oil, acrylic, watercolor, traditional and digital photography mixed media.





Landscapes, Seascapes, Skyscapes

March 5 to March 27, 2015

Guest Artist: Steve Payne & Terry Willis


For this exhibition, artists were asked to interpret and depict outdoor scenery, geographical environments’ including landscapes subjects, seascapes, and skyscapes. Works include oil, pastel, acrylic and traditional and digital photography.



Close to the Heart

February 5, February 28, 2015

Guest Artists: Theresa Morgan & Carlo Fantin


Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present: Close to the Heart. 

The artworks for this show were selected from close to one hundred submissions from artists across the globe.

In honor of Valentines Day this selection of outstanding works exemplifies the theme "Close to the Heart". In some cases the works are literal, on other cases the works embody the theme with subtle nuances.


Melody Allen

Joy Bauer

Jan Bell

Naomi Brown

Steven Bundy

Mark Dierker

Andrei Duman




Sandra Garden

Sandra Gottlieb

Richard Greene

Anne Jeffery

Jennifer Magallon

Maziar Mahjoobi

Steve Payne


Christopher Scardino

Anne Schlueter

Corey Thompson

Tianxing Wang

Terry Willis

Sean Witucki

Inka Zamoyska

Qian Zhao




Polly Cook

Jamal deJong

Ladan Ebrahimian

Bruce Erikson

Carlo Fantin



Sarah Janece Garcia

Michael Hartman

Olga Hofmann

Araks Johannes

Cynthia  Matty - Huber
Cathy Locke




Theresa Morgan

Kat Tatz

Sheryl Tempchin

Jennifer Thoreson (Hudson)

Elizabeth Weber


Women in Art - 2015
Jan. 3rd thru Jan. 30th, 2015

Guest Artist: Karen Yee


The show is dedicated to the spirit and creativity of all women artists, past and present.
Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, California has found some unbelievable women artists.
Since ancient times, women artists have been creating alongside their male counterparts. Throughout history, women artists have been creating incredible artworks. Mary Cassatt, Sofonisba Anguissola, Marie Bracquemond, Mary Beale, Mary Cassatt and Camille Claudel helped pave the way for the contemporary giants, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Whiteread, Joan Mitchell, Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Agnes Martin , Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger.


Melody Allen
Diane Avis
Lissa Bockrath
Bridget Bourgon
Salem Cade
Polly Cook
Sarbani Ghosh
Olga Hofmann



Phung Huynh

Karin Lamson

Wenli Liu

Gwen Manfrin

Irma Ostroff

Alessandra Paguliuca

Olga Tarrant 

Kathy Tiger


Theresa Wall Duggan

Hsin Wang

Debra Wells

Jannine Wilensky

Hayley Williams

Karen Yee

Miki Yokoyama

Amanda Youngblood




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