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Nina Ulett - While It's Spring - Oil Pai

Mahfuza Begum

Beth Blake

Betty Cox

Jessica Crouch

Susan Eyer-Anderson

Helena Faitelson

Terry Farrell

Cheryle Gannaway

Stephanie Henry

Kim Johnson

Candace Kahn

Julianna Lazio

Kippi Leonard

Broni Likomanov

Linzi Lynn
Juliette Manolié

Jim Matthew

Matt McMullen

Berthis Myers
Mona Niko

Kamelyta Noor

Isabel Oliver
Victoria Pendragon

Richard Rownak

Bonnie Rubinstein

Alayne Sahar

Tom Suhler

Tanya Tewell

Nina Ulett

Shai Yossef

Stunning: Group Exhibition

Artist Reception: December 5, 2019

SHOW RUNS: December 5 to December 28, 2019

Guest Artist: Nina Ulett

For this exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery asked artists to art they considered “stunning”. The word stunning is best described as “strikingly impressive, especially in beauty and excellence.


We received hundreds of submissions that fit the bill and the selection process was grueling, but we found what we could best describe as amazing, captivating, phenomenal, and extraordinary.



Works chosen featured a wide variety of styles, and mediums including Acrylic, Oil, Pen and Ink, Graphite, Photography, Pastel, and Watercolor. 




David Kessler

Jeff Leedy

Broni Likomanov

Yvette Lopez

Melissa Maddox

Juan Mejias

Daniel Miller

Guy Munsch

Travis Roe

Juan Saenz

Naomi Spinak - American Sampler - Embroi

Jared Barbick

Jeny Brill

Kathryn Cirincione

Benita Cole

Richard Del Rosso

Phyllis Elson

Michael Farmer

Louis Herlihy

Michael Hubbard

Heather Kerley

Sam Silberstein

Tony Song

Rebecca Spilecki

Naomi Spinak

Bob Tomolillo

Samantha Varela

Jessica Veen

Cecily Willis

It's Still Political

Exhibition: November 7th, to November 29, 2019
Guest Artist: Naomi Spinak



Though often divisive and inflammatory, we can't avoid politics in today's world.


The intrinsic beliefs and opinions that shape us as human beings can almost always be seen in a political light.


For our show this month, we found art that express all things political, regardless of party or belief systems.


This exhibition hopes to explore our continued political discourse with the use of imagery to make the point of our current state of the nation.

In some cases the artwork is a literal artistic portrayal of a politician or political issue or opinion,

and in some cases it is figurative and interpretive.

This exhibition provides visual commentary about subjects like human rights and immigration, pro-life or pro-choice,

gun rights or gun control, animal rights, and environmental issues.


Dina Ropele-Santos - With Little Isaac E

Captured - A Photography Exhibition

Artist Reception: October 3, 2019

Exhibition : Oct. 3 to Oct. 26, 2019

Guest Artist: Dina Ropele-Santos

Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present: Captured: A Group Exhibition.

Las Laguna Gallery solicited artists working with various types of cameras to present the captured image with the intent to provide art that evokes emotion, inspires, or excites.

Selected from hundreds of submissions, these twenty artists provided unique interpretation of imagery through their use of photography and mediums.

Works include traditional Photography, Digital Photography, Polaroid, Tintypes and more.

Norman Aragones

Anne M Bray
Andrew Caldwell
Sean Deckert
Mark Dierker
Margaret Elmer
Richard Greene
Dave Hanson

Conrad Hunziker

Elsa Keefe
Noreen Larinde
Gary Lopez
John Manno
Joseph Moche
Nicola Nicholas
Justin Prough




Kathy Rock

Travis Roe
Howie Ronay
Dina Ropele-Santos
Gerardo Stubing
Jessica Szuchyt
Scott Weingarten
Gary Zuercher

Stephen Barger

Mahfuza Beauty

Kate Blake

Katia Bulbenko

Andrew Caldwell

Dominique Chastenet de Gery

Suzanne Cullen

Michelle Do

Philip Dunn

Michael Dupille

James Ellison 

Lori Evensen

Deana Evstefeeva

Naomi Ganor

Jan Lorraine Hoyle

Hunter X Huang

Kathy Hur

Mai Igarashi

Laura James

Kayla Janes

Kathryn Jones

Lisa McKnett

Carol Mack

Michael Malizia

Tiffanie Mang

Alleen Manning

Jim Matthew

Claire Menegatti

Lee Munsell

George Papciak

Justin Prough

Garrett Shea

Cody TheCreative

Samantha Varela

Jenna von Benedikt

Naona “Peaches” Wallin

Jeff Walsh

Denise Westcott

Ernie Wood

Bob Wynne

Land, Sea or Sky

ARTISTS RECEPTION; Thursday September 5 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm

EXHIBITION RUNS: September 5 to September 27, 2019


Guest Artist: James Ellison

Guest Artist: Lori Evensen

This exhibition explores outdoor scenery, geographical environments’ including landscapes subjects, seascapes, and skyscapes.

Landscapes are works of art that depict scenes of nature. This may includes natural scenery with things like mountains, rivers, trees, lakes, and the subject is a wide view.  The earliest works can be found as far back as 1500 BCE.

Seascapes are any photograph, painting or other work of art that depicts the sea or ocean.

Skyscapes are any photograph, painting or other work of art that depicts the sky.

For this exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery asked artists to show us their rendition of Land, Sea, or Sky.


Selected from hundreds of submissions this select grouping of art explores the themes using a variety of media including Acrylic, Collage, Digital Art, Fiber Art, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Pastel, and Photography.

Marc Aronson

Allison Bryant

Lauren Buchness

Tonya Burdine

Joanne Cali

Cody TheCreative

Vickie Deneroff

John DuVal

Leslie Getz

Kayla Janes
Grace Kim
Katherine Jinhee Kim Debbee Lotito
Donald Matheson
Jim Matthew
Meridith McNeal
Teri Ann Moyer
Maria Pazos

Michelle Peterlin

Alayne Sahar
Ruth Petersen Shorer
Barbara Simonson
Christine So
Erin Stein
Michael Tang
Amelia Weggemann
Kim Winberry
Bob Wynne

Aqueous 2019 (Water Soluble Media)

Exhibition: August 1 to August 30, 2019

Las Laguna Gallery is please to announce our August exhibition titled Aqueous 2019.

This exhibition features artists working in water soluble media including watercolor, acrylic, casein, gouache ink, and egg tempera.


Works selected include  traditional landscapes, Local views, Abstracts, Wildlife, Figure studies, Seascapes, harbors, and beach scenes, Impressionistic landscapes or more.

Lillian Abel

Evalynn Alu

Vera Arutyunyan

Alexis Avlamis

Brandin Baron

Cheryl Bodkin-Waters

Maria Borrelli

Neal Call

Judy Carroll

Christopher Conroe

Judith D’Agostino

Maryann Dellarocco

Terri Deskins

Lauren Dickinson

Julia Fletcher

James Fraser

Diana Ghoukassian

Stephanie Holznecht

Jane Kamentser

Everett Kane

Lydia Kinney

Francine Kohn

Gillian Loop

Jennifer McCarthy

Marcee Musgrove

Mercedes Nunez

Patsee Ober

Nancy Okerman

Renee Ortiz

Maria Pazos

Gwynne Stoddart

Leslie Tejada

Artie Van Why

Unique Abstractions

Exhibition: July 4 to July 26, 2019
Guest Artist:  Evalynn Alu



Abstract art places a new world, which on the surface has nothing to do with 'reality,' next to the 'real' world.
Wassily Kandinsky


True abstract art not only utilizes flexibility and freedom; it also employs bold uses of color, line, pattern, form, process and composition.


Works in this show include Acrylic, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Encaustic, Oil, Painting, and  Photography.​​​

Robert Alvarado

Paige Barth

Kim Brandon-Watson

John Calabrese

Judy Carroll

Dennis Casey

Mark Dierker

Diana Ghoukassian

Lianne Goldsmith


Carl Knutson Jr

Phyllis Leverich

Mark Leysen

Peggy Magovern

Marie Massey

Edi Matsumoto

Denise Messenger

Nick Mozak

Dana E Newman

Carol Nussbaum


Alayne Sahar

Janice Schultz

Marian Seiders

Patrick Shields

Hannah Shim

James Vogel

The 2nd Half – Artists 50 or Older

Exhibition:  June 6th to June 28th


“With age, art and life become one.”  George Braque

As we grow older, the maturity and insight life has given us multiplies. The viewpoints and experiences that come with age are invaluable lessons to us all on how to live life -  and live it well.


This month we will celebrate the talent and wisdom of the artist over 50.

Selected from local, national and international artists this group provides a snapshot of what knowledge and experienced artists are creating today.

The choices of color, medium, shape, theme, and materials show measured thought and understanding well beyond their years.

Works selected for this show feature artists living in  Canada, California, France, Iowa, Illinois , Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas. 



Miriam Alonzo

Mark Andreason

Paige Barth

Christer Berg

Troy Bunch

Kyoosang Choi

Leigh Elliott

Debbie Gallerani

Cheryle Gannaway

Vanessa Garcia

Nathalie Inman
Tara Kelly
Dennis Kocontes
Julianna Lazio
L. Jean Lewis
Claire Miller
Dana Newman
AyaEye Okamoto
Terry Orletsky
Irma Ostroff

Sarah Rahaeuser
Robin Raznick
Jack Reilly
Melissa Renee
Morgan Rogers
Lilong Shi
Haley Smith
Joshua Smith
Teri Starkweather
Denisa Zaionciuc

Impressive: All Media


Exhibition: May 2 to May 31, 2019



When discussing art, the word "medium" refers to the physical objects used by artists to convey information to audiences through the use of senses. The material in which is used to create an art is its medium. The plural of medium is media. So, one piece of art can be made of one medium or several media.



Mediums used by artists differ greatly, and range from tools including paints, brushes, pencils, pens, and pastels; or different types of photography, and computer generated works.


Selected from more than 160 local, national and international artists this exhibition features art media that includes: Acrylic, Graphite, Color Pencil, Fiber Art, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pastel, Photography (Traditional and Digital), Printmaking, Jewelry, Sculpture and Watercolor.


Lillian Blouin
Sansanee Boonyad
John Boychuk
Gobind Boyes
Micki  Brown
Tonya Burdine

Cherie Carter

Michelle Conley
Jennifer Carberry Landis
Allison Finch
Stephen Hatcher
Marcia Hoeck

Betsy Hughes

Sally Jacobs

Lindsey Jaeger

Debra Keirce

Chris Kocher

 Ibuki Kuramochi

Yaling Liu

Rosanna Lyons

Mechel Meek

Maria Pazos

Pattie Palmer
Elizabeth Phillips
Nikki Poling
Lola Rubio
Elaine Ruettiger
Nikita Sacha
Lyasya Sinkovs
Ginger Summit
Samantha Varela
Gregg Weissman

BotaniK: Group Exhibition


Exhibition: April 4 to April 26, 2019



Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to announce our newest exhibition titled Botanik

Selected from hundreds of local, national and international submissions this select group of artists created works in Botanicals including images of flowers, plants, trees, leaves, cactus, or succulents.


Works in this exhibition include Fiber Art, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pastel, Photography (Traditional and Digital), Printmaking and Watercolor.

Lynne Adamson-Adrian

Tricia Alexander

Chloe Allred

Kiley Ames

Mary Ancilla-Martinez

Marisa Andropolis

Eleonora Balducchi

Lynn Berkeley

Claire Bishara

Ginger Bowen

Heidi Brueckner


Cherie Carter

Echo Chernik

Brooke Connor

Elizabeth Covington

Monica Daoud

Ginny English

Jennifer Esneault

Katherine Filice

Dellis Frank

Ronit Galazan

Olga Grun

Stacy Honda

Brooke Hunter

Nicole Jeffords

Evin Leek

Laurie Lisonbee

Melissa Milton

Neon Mushroomz

Tricia O’Connell

Robin Oneyung K

Maryam Rouhi

Jeannette Scollard

Women  in Art: Group Exhibition

March 7th - March 29th, 2019



During the last ten years we have seen an the past decade has seen a huge increase in its number of galleries and non-profit spaces popping up across the state; yet the bulk of these locations continue to promote the work of male artists, begging the inquiry of how gender equality has figured in this equation. While we are heading at such a fast rate, why are women artists being left behind?


The continued unevenness of gender representation within the arts is a topic; which up until now, was habitually ignored. The lack of concrete necessity compares inauspiciously with the time during the 1970s, when a large quantity of art movements in Europe and North America and critiqued patriarchal command and investigated the social and political impact of identity, sexual difference and gender.


During this time, statistical data that was gathered by activists in Los Angeles revealed that over a period of ten years, there was only a single; one woman show. All other single person shows were for male artists.


We chose a wide variety of mediums and styles to show a snap-shot of incredible, groundbreaking, and incredibly crafted works.


Works in this exhibition include Acrylic, , Assemblage, Collage, Digital Art, Mixed Media, and Oil Paintings.


Matters of the Heart: Group Exhibition

February 7 to February 28,  2019




Selected from  local, national and international artists this exhibition features works in both fine and contemporary art.


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the month of February will be all about the heart.

Just as discussion about the heart is a subjective matter,

so too is the interpretation of the theme for this show.


For this call for art we selected works that not only evoke a feelings of love (passion, affection, lust, tenderness, infatuation, etc.), but also can selected literal images of hearts themselves.


Artists provided conceptual, literal or emotional approaches on matters of the heart
and the results were amazing. 


Herman Aguirre

Andrea Cook

Tara Doherty 

Nadine Franklin 

Nila Frederiksen

Debbie Grossman

Jessica Hansen

Henry Harris

Jeannie Hua 

Craig Hubbard
Mel Johnson

Karl Tani

Michael King

Mis Kyrene 

Huiming Li

Gail Martinez

Massey Marie

Penny McManigal

Rebecca Medel

Heather Millenaar

Mona Niko

Victoria Pendragon

Chris Rocket

Roberta Rousos 

Stacy Slaten

Helena Starcevic

Tommy Orosco

Oz VanRosen

Samantha Varela

Jeff Warren

Jean Wetta

Craig Wood

Jackson Zorn

small works - BIG TALENT

January 3 to January 29,  2019




Selected from hundreds of local, national and international artists this exhibition features works in both fine and contemporary art.


The only limitation placed on artists for this show was that the works could not exceed 16 inches in any direction.

Selections for this artist exhibition included Oil, Acrylic, Traditional and Digital Photography, and Printmaking.


Maryanna Adelman
Laurie S  Auth
Deborah Babin
Kim Breit
Judy Carroll
Gerry Chapleski
Heather Coen
Denise Demby
Pam Demo
Alx Dockter
Susan Dukow

Sabrina Epton
Patty Franklin
Cheryl Godin
David Harrington
Henry Harris
Laurel Izard
Robin K
Kristine Kainer
David Kessler
Kay Kochenderfer
Lambarri Lambarri

Steven Lingeman
John Manzoni
Gail Martinez
Therese Misner
Chris Napolitano
Haley Smith
Samantha Varela
Jason Wagner
Anya Warda
Mary Kay Wilson
Annie Wood
Jackson Zorn

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