50 and Over Show

Exhibition: Sept. 3-26, 2020

“With age, art and life become one.”  George Braque

As we grow older, the maturity and insight life has given us multiplies. The viewpoints and experiences that come with age are invaluable lessons to us all on how to live life -  and live it well.

Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present The 2nd Half -  artwork by artists who are 50 years older in age. This exhibition features artwork by local, national and international artists.

Works selected for this exhibition include  Acrylic, Air Brush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Collage, Digital Art, Encaustic. Fabric Art, Fiber Art, Graphite, Mixed Media, Oil, Pen & Ink, Photography (Traditional & Digital) Printmaking, Screen Printing and Watercolor.

Chocolate Layer Cake
Macaron Raisin
Sweet Cravings
Let Them Eat Cake
BrassWELL Cheeseburger
Morning Ritual
Sunny Side Up
OT #5
OT #6
OT #3
Morning Cup of Coffee
Taco POP
I Could Just Eat You Up
Strawberry Lemonaide
Hot Gossip
Sage Cilantro Basil
AcAr Food
Candy Apple
Sunny Side Up
Five After Five
Drumstick 2.0
Juicy Noodles
Apples with Sticky Note
Hot Dog
The Architecture of Reassurance
Strawberry Shake over Eden
First Course
Across the Booth Near the Conveyor Belt
Lime Kiss

Food Glorious Food
SHOW DATE:  August 6 to August 29, 2020

Guest Artist: Jeffrey Hartman

Las Laguna Gallery is pleased ton announce "Food Glorious Food"; and exhibition by artists who have created works depicting food.

This exhibition includes local, national and international artists to explore the subject of food and beverage.

Medias selected include are: Acrylic, Air Brush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Collage, Digital Art, Encaustic. Fabric Art, Fiber Art, Graphite, Mixed Media, Oil, Pen & Ink, Photography (Traditional & Digital) Printmaking, Screen Printing and Watercolor

Suzanne Aulds

Jessica Burke

Kassandra Ellison

Angela Fowlks

Ellen Fountain

Denis Geary Lopez

Carly Grant

Madeleine Greenwald

Jeffrey Hartman

Levi Holley

Christine Hubbard

Lori Pitten Jenkins

Amy Justice

Maribel Krzyzaniak

Constance LaBouff

Rosy Liriano

Monica List

Julia Luft

Yuying Lyu

Robin Lee Makowski

Taylor Moon

Oscar Nunez

Terry Romero Paul

Aerin Sentgeorge

Chelsea Steinberg Gay

Catherine Stiny

Abigail Stockinger

Haiyue Tan

Amanda Turofsky

Katy Wedda
Caroline Wilson

Martha Valenta

Noortje Zijlstra

Tolerance vs. Intolerance
Aquarium Depths
Funnel Cakes
Kiss Kiss
Awakening 3
Terre brulante_burning earth
Orange You Glad We Have Today
Kali Goy
Horizon 2
5 Days, 12 Hours_ 02
Motherfucker Make Me
Clematis III
Remant Series_ Q2
Shades of Purple II Swirl
Heart Chakra
Ocean Views No. 3
Ant and Plant
Enchanted River
Beyond Blue
After the Rain, Mystic Seaport
Untitled Beach Girl
Mammoth Mountain Stream
Memory Drifter
Green Power, Zaandam
L'heure juste
Watercolor Tarot Series (War, Earth, Water, Vice)
Kolibri 7
Beauty in the Eye
Civita di Bagnoreggio
House of the Lonely Pyromaniac
Alexandria Sleeps, The Alley Cat
Missing You
1957 Ford Fairlane
LOL Brooch
Intermezzo di Stile
French Grunt School
untitled (land)
Two Swallows
Aodan Aodan - Hurting Spring - Glazed Po
COVID #1 -Woodcut Print
Winged Spoons
Henshaw Fog

small works - BIG TALENT

Exhibition Runs: June 4 to June 27, 2020


For this small works - BIG Talent exhibition, artists across the globe responded with incredible works that include Acrylic, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Etching, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pen & Ink, Photography (Traditional and Digital), Screen Print, and Watercolor.

In a Heartbeat
Consequence of Decadence
Currents  2
Portrait #12
The View of Things
Cheryl Godin - Sunshine Motel - Oil on W
The Meeting
Nuit #5
The Mermaid
Crystal Cavity
in a world of before and after
Woodland Reliquary
In the Morning Spilled Coffee
Self Portrait
Becomings Series 5
Bottles and Grapes
Skully 1
Salamanca Storefront Sanctuary
La Virgen Series
Saturday in San Juan
Tybee Island Light, Georgia
Fishing for Bluefish
Pearl Earring
The Beauty of Lockdown
La Duree
Rock Stars
Time to Get Out
Cosmic Fissure
Silence Under Water
Cast Form 4
Cube of Haiku 1
Footed Crush
Busy Bee
Who Dat_
Self Portrait D7
Stan Resnicoff - End of the Line 75 - In
As the Crow
Head in the Clouds
Skagen 2b
Ingested Decay
The Messenger
The Flight of Fancy
Crazy in Love
Inception 7
Tulips in Repose
Nathans Elbow
Frida Katlo
Eyes of Infinity
The Boulder We Grow
Green Flower
Donald Robson - Man and Object 3 - Oil o
Beyond Blue
Folded Memory 2
Vulture Crags

Aodan Aodan
Cecelia Azhderian
Carmen Badeau
Shannon Barnes
David Bartlett
Gretchen Beck
Salah Eddine Bouanani
Helen Bradshaw
Nell Breyer
Michael Budden
ST Bycroft
Pat Calabro
Pat Calabro
Andrew Chalfen
Meredith Cheatwood
Ceci Cole McInturff
Donyae Coles
Maryse-Anne Couteau
Briar Craig
Lillianne Daigle
Nicholas DAngelo
Dara Daniel
Sarah Delson
Ciro Di Fiore
Ashley Erin Dotson
Rachel Elam
Ash Emerson
Kathi Erickson
Niloufar Farzam
Brian Felten
Timothy Flanagan
Melissa Flicker
Robert Fogel
Tony Gangitano
Juliana Garcia—Gautier
Martin John Garhart
Teressa Gates
Cheryl Godin


Leeahd Goldberg
Elizabeth Guignino
Trisha Hall
Lisa Hamilton
Wayne Hauser
Denise Heintze
Heidi Hooper
Jonathan Hubbell
Katerina Husar Lazarova
Julie Jablonski
Amari Jade
Carol Jenkins
Saloni Kalkat
Diane Kell
Moritz Kellerman
Shannon Kernaghan
Michael Kolitsky
Stacy Leeman
Allen Littlefield
Ron Loyd
Janet Lucroy
Sherry Mahboubian
Gail Martinez
Eloise McCarthy
Erin McCarty

John McDonald
Brooke McFerren
Frank McGrath

David McLemore
Kelsey Meadows
Susan Melly
Matt Meyer
Sarah Meyer
Tanis Meyers
Gary Miller
Brenda  Munguia
Brandon Neher
Erin OBrien
Misbah Kyrene Ocean
Samantha Osborne

Allison Overesch Moore

Maria Pazos

David Phelps

Paola Pimentel

Margaret Raab

Diane Radel

Lara Ralston

Joy Redstone

Samantha Resendez

Stan Resnicoff

Donald Robson

Randy Rocchi

Stu Rosen

Sylvia Saxon

Rebecca Schneller

Justine Schopmeyer

Gretchen Schreiber

Sandhya Sharma

Jeremy Simmons

Beverly Smith

Haley Smith

Fabienne Sowa

Payton Spinosa

Judy Steffens

Angela Stevenson

Paula Sugarman

Edward Tutton

Zach Valent

Nikki Vismara

Roger Walkup

Linda Werthwein

Rebecca West

Dawn Whitney-Hall

Corinne Whittemore

Paul Wirhun

Kelly Wong

Garett Wood

Rebecca Youssef

The Narcissist
Day 7
Composition A
Valkyrie 19
Warrior Princess
Wave Rider
Lost at Sea
Hanging the Show
Looking South
Old Canoe
Distorted Generation
Not Me, Not Yet
Lilly Sunshine
Autumn Hillside
7Tribue to Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven
A Day Amongst the Thorne Rooms n - A Day Amongst the Thorne
Wood's Cove I
Striped & Quartered IV
Drawn & Quartered II
This is Sandy
Lotus Mitosis
Where Mermaids Play
Drawn & Quartered I - Mono

Laguna Beach Open: Group Exhibition

Artist Reception: May 7 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm 
Exhibition Runs: May 7 to May 30, 2020


This Call for Art was open to ALL local, national and international artists, professional and amateur working in a wide variety of mediums.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic ALL the artists that submitted to this show will have their works displayed online at our website, Facebook page, Instagram page and other sites.

Depending on the opening of the economy, the artists listed in gold may have their works in our gallery at a future date.


Artists across the globe responded with incredible works that include Acrylic, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Etching, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pen & Ink, Photography (Traditional and Digital), Screen Print, and Watercolor.

0011101.04 - 012205.04
Kama & Maci, Ready To Dance Hula
Keep an eye out
Ruin V
School Daze
Palpitations of Dust Film Poster
Ruin IV
Bright May at Diamond Head
CA Coast 4
Blue Ocean Surf
Indian Head Pony
Bent But Not Broken
Untitled Abstract
Descanso Gardens in Bloom h - Descanso Gardens in Blo
Wave Walkers
Rose Tinted
Setting Sun
Eye Meadow at Sunset
Beach Striations Bubbles
Salt Lake
Cracked Thoughts
Abstract Floral
Night Heels
Growth Needs Sacrifice
Woman in a Man's World
Mermaid World
Fuck Off
A Lush Promise
CA Coast 4
Gayane Melikyan-Waterfall-no medium-24 I
Guinea Some Love
Barren Drama
Lone Swan
Ghost House at Waterloo Village
Semper Fi
P-38 Lighting Pin-up-Photo
Calm Waters
Laguna Sunset 1

Robert Alvarado

James Anthony

Norman Aragones

Michael Baker
Shannon Barnes

David Bartlett

Lois Beatty

Carol Lei Bendell

Debra Calkins

Robert Canaga

Jennifer Carberry-Landis

Stevie Chun

Ashley  Cole 

Ted Cyrek

L Daniels

Sally Deskins
Nadia Diaz

John Dimare

Betsy Duzan

Sharon Eldridge

Carson English

James Evanson

Helena Faitelson

Nestor Garcia

Lars Gesing

Harry Giglio

Bro Halff

Kayan Hamadeh

Brandon Harward

Richell Herman

LaVonne Higgins

Ann Huang

Katerina Husar Lazarova

Amber Ibarra

Michael James

Robert Johnson

Lily Johnston

Cornelius Kelly

Tracy Kimmons

Laurie King

Marianna Kiraly

Rebeccah Klodt

Mary Klunk

Claire Kosasky

Virginia Lange

Susanna Lea

Monica List

Anand Manchiraju

Danessa Mayo

Eric Mc Ghie

Pat Meier-Johnson

Gayane Melikyan

Bogdan Mihai

Dutch Montana

Kevin Morris

Rebekah Neidlinger

Daniel Nielsen

Star Osias

Jeremy Padilla

Lindsey Preciado-Weaver

Joy Redstone

Valendina Rizidis

Cailynn Rogers

John Roscigno

Stu Rosen

Bruce Sanders

Michael Sharber

Tatyana Shvartsakh

Kathleen Smalley

JW Throgmorton

Tim Torno

Edward Tutton

Brooklyn Wanzenberg

Linda Werthwein

Donovan Widmer

Will Wolf

Garett Wood

Sheri Zoch

L. Susan Stark
Coziness in the Sea
Flower Individual 17
Regal Horse
Storm at Sea
Descanso Winter
Reforma Blue
New Growth
Fallen Wine Glass
Boy of the Eyes of the World
Innocence in the Look
Phobos: The Confrontation -
Keep Afloat
The Statuary

Fabiane Aleixo
A.M. Benz

Ann Brantingham

John Calabrese

Andrea Cook

Fretta Cravens

Russ Docken

Carol Foerster

Tracy Frein

Kathy Gascon

Jeanette Gonzalez

Miguel Jaramillo

Carol Mack

John Manno

Lidia Mikhaylova

Laura Roberts

Stu Rosen

John Schiavone

Alexandria Smith

Barbara Tabachnick

Nikita Vishnevskiy

Don Whittecar

Margaret Winchell

Lauren Yandell


SHOW DATE: April 2, to April 30, 2020

Guest Artist: John Manno


The term monochrome describes paintings, drawings, design,  photographs or prints in one color or values of one color.

For this call for art Las Laguna Gallery challenged artists to explore not only the range of tones of black and white, but also explore the range of a single color.

Artists across the globe responded with incredible works that include Acrylic, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Etching, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pen & Ink, Photography (Traditional and Digital), Screen Print, and Watercolor.

Internal Dialogue 6
Travelling Inward
A Boy on a Train

Emily Blackmore

Ginger Bowen

Diane Bush

Judy Carroll

Margaret Chiaro

Madisen Cuff

Laura De Anna

Princess Geisinger

Colleen Gnos

Rebecca Godbehere

Marni Griffith

Amy Hua

Kim Johnson

Reenie Kennedy

Kate Knudsen

Grace Kruse

Ruth Kurisu

Desiree Luca

Erin Murray

Rebecca O’Brien

Amanda Pampena

Nora Pineda

Lara Ralston

Radha Rao

Dale Stephens

Jennifer Sundstrom

Shannon Tallcouch

Cecily Willis

Hew Wilson

Bing Zhang

Women in Art - 2020

Exhibition Runs: March 5, to March. 28, 2020


In celebration of Women’s History Month, Las Laguna Gallery is helping shine the spotlight on some modern women artists.

Since ancient times, women artists have been creating alongside their male counterparts. Many may be familiar with names such as Mary Cassatt, Marie Bracquemond, Mary Beale, Mary Cassatt and Camille Claudel. These pioneers helped pave the way for the contemporary giants such as Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Rachel Whiteread, Agnes Martin, and Jenny Holzer.

The continued unevenness of gender representation within the arts is a topic; which up until now, was habitually ignored. The lack of concrete necessity compares inauspiciously with the time during the 1970s, when a large quantity of art movements in Europe and North America and critiqued patriarchal command and investigated the social and political impact of identity, sexual difference and gender.

During this time, statistical data that was gathered by activists in Los Angeles revealed that over a period of ten years, there was only a single; one woman show. All other single person shows were for male artists.

This year dozens of articles have been posted to show that Female Artists Represent just 2 Percent of the Art Market. As a woman owned gallery, we do our best to help balance the scales. As such, each year we have conducted a Women exclusive show to help foster and support fellow women artists.

For this Call for Art we received submissions from across the nation and for this exhibition we selected a wide variety remarkable, fascinating, and perfectly executed artworks.

We feel this selection provides a snap-shot of what successful women artists are creating today; and a peek into the various subjects and mediums to expect to see in galleries and museums in the years to come.


Suzanne Barton -Full Moon Rising - Under

Carol Arian
Suzanne Barton

Emily  Blackmore

Paul Blenkhorn

Jeny Brill

Phil Brubaker

Maria Delvs

Amareen Dhaliwal

Pennie Fien

Grant Fuhst

Joy Garafola

Dan Gardiner

Lucy Ghelfi

Rebecca Hammett

Steve Hull

Ray IM

Ken Jonesa

Julie Lloyd

Callie McCluskey

Charlene Maguire

Rebecca Marie

Natasha Marks

Birgitte Rasine

Ksenia Sd

Arthur Taussig

Wendy Tigerman

Jerri Lee Young

Mixed Media, Collage and Digital Art

Artists Reception: Feb. 6 from 5:30pm to 9:30 pm

Exhibition Runs: Feb. 6, to Feb. 29, 2020

Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present February’s exhibition titled Digital Art, Mixed Media and College.


Digital Art is a creative artwork or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process, including computer art and multimedia art. Digital art can be purely computer-generated (such as fractals and algorithmic art) or taken from other sources, such as scanned photographs or images drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet.

In visual art, Mixed Media is an artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed.

A Collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper clippings, paint, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper, canvas or board.

Las Laguna Gallery received submissions from around the globe and selected artists works from Arizona, California, Michigan, Italy, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, United Kingdom, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

_Garden Cat - Lynne Adamson Adrian - 10

Animalz 2020

Exhibition Runs: Jan. 2, to Jan. 31, 2020

Guest Artist: Lynne Adamson Adrian

Throughout the history of the world in cultures near and far, animals have played a huge part in the world of art. From the beginning of time when man first scrawled a buffalo on cave walls to the present time; animals are characterized and depicted in stories, cartoons and movies.


The rich history of animals represented in mythologies
and folktales is endless.

These animals awaken our creative spirit and feed our imagination.
From the years of the zodiac to the spirits of totem poles animals and animal icons play a huge part in our everyday life. 

This exhibition explores how art artists continue to draw from past stories as well as create new narratives as characters in their art take on animal traits, and new creatures are imagined.

Lynne Adamson Adrian
Amit Aharoni
David Bartlett
Roman Coia
Katie Dahl
Alexis Fritz
Donna Garcia
Leslie Getz

Betsy Hughes
Crystal James
Scarlett Kirn
Jamie Morris
Sinead O’Brien
Maria Pazos
Sarah Perez

Christopher Polentz
Kent Reppert
Stu Rosen
Dena Shepherd
Hanna Slaughter
Debra Slonim
Kristin Smith
Sally Terrell
Ashley Weymouth