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June 3-26, 2021

Group Exhibition

Las Laguna Art Gallery presents Painterly.


This Group exhibition was open local, national and international artists working in Acrylic, Casein, Egg Tempra Paint, Gouache, Oil, or Watercolor.


This exhibition theme for the accepted works  include Abstracts, Animals, Botanical, Buildings and Houses, Cars and Boats, Cityscapes, Figures, Identity, Landscapes, Portraits, Seascapes, Stories and Histories.


The different mediums are unique and artists choose them for varied reasons. The viscosity and drying times vary for each material. Additionally the application and preparation process for each material can be different. It is these sorts of challenges that help make this exhibition exclusive.


This selection of work was designed to show the best of each material and theme. Works in the show will be on display for the month of June and you are invited to visit the gallery.


Additional works are available as part of our extensive online exhibition.

Contributing Artists

Hila Abada, Soulaf Abas, Sanniya Adnan, Patricia Aguilar, Alec Aita, K. Alexis, Lani Allen, Kylie Amber, Renee Amitai, Cecilia Anastos, Izzy Anderson,

Terese Andersson, Camilla Angel, Maria Lucia Angle, Brooke Arthur, Fadekemi Ashafa, Julia Aspin, Erika Avellaneda, Roxanne Baechler, Dylan S. Bain,

Donna Barati, Sharon Beal, Kristen Beaulieu, Saskia Becker, Kari Bell, Carrie Bertschy, Mensah Bey, Gray Blacks, Steve Bleecker, Debrah Block Krol, Jessy Blume &Tamaji Hata/DU, Jessy Blume, Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis, Magda Bowen, Todd Brugman, Anaïs Budin, Bonny Butler, Kit Cameron, Amy Carani, Angel Carrizales, Leon Casale, Christina Chavez, Donna Ciobanu, Drea Cohane, Cindy Compert, Christopher Conroe, Scott Cooper, Valerie Corvin, Conrad Cox, Courtney Crenshaw, Michele Anne D'Acosta, Charlotte D'Aigle, Lisa Daniels, Kelly Davenport, Flo de Bretagne, T. B. Demille, Joy DeNicola, Katie Denisova, Carlos Diaz, Jamie Diehl, Reanna DiPaolo, Elena Disabato, Leslie Dobbins, Jacob Docksey, Luz Donahue, Becca Drach, Kristina Duewell, Skye Elizabeth, Mel Elston-Mendones, Anthony Enyedy, Jacquilyn Eusanio, Adilah Farhana, Roxanne Fawcett, Lahel Fowler, Spencer Frazer, Floyd Frazier, Rose Freeland, Matthew Fry, Matt Lamb Gabler, Craig Garner, Maureen Golgata, Viktorija Gordejeva, Kent Gordon, Patricia Gould, Kara Greenwell, Alma Greer, Liz Grisham, Angela Groom, Melodie Grubbs, Priya Gupta, Nicole Marie Hagg, Oceane Hall, Bhavna Handa, Donya Hardy, Grant Hargate, Kate Harper, Mark Ben Harris, Chris Harsch, Hella1982 Creative X, Fabienne Herbert, Evelyn Hernandez, Megan Hitt, Kevin Hoertig, Shiloh Horton, Judith Hutcheson, Ioana Lidia Ilea, Randall Inkelas, Samantha Iodice, Amy Ione, Ana Iribas Rudín,, Michael James, Debra K. Jayne, Nicole Jeffords, Karen V Kanas, Ae Rim Kang, Amruta Kapileshwar, Christopher Karr, Maria Karra, Gaganjot Kaur, James Keay-Bright, Alison Kelly, Minesh Kher, Böbe Kirsch, Rebeccah Klodt, John Kotos, Sonja Krastman, Lamia Labban, Deborah Lanino, Le'liece Lassiter, Sunyoung Lee, Tom Leedy, Dana Levine, Lynda Levy, Debi Ling, Moira Lumpkin, Lan Luo, Brian Maly, Juliette Manolié, Stuart Marcus, Mikala Clarise Martinez, Marie Massey, Meg McCabe, Megan Gael McCarthy, Sophina McDaniel, Ashley McGeachy, Meghan Burke McGrath, Ian McKillop, Jack McNamara, Rad Megan, Ralph Miller, Therese Misner, Tanya Momi, Elliatt Moore, Katye Muniz, Mark Murawski, Camille Murray, Taylor Nalley, Junnior Navarro, Abbie Norris, Donna Lee Nyzio, Natalie Oliphant, Tomisin Oluwole, Gabriel Otuokere, Chele Pacheco, Valerie Pagliuca, Jay Kyle Petersen, Amanda PL, Anne-Sophie H. Plume, Vera Y Ponomareva, Katy Price, Leslie Printis, Betty Pun, Qianyi, Nguyen Quang Vinh, Nancy Raen-Mendez, Sangita Rajan, Sam Rashba, Suchita Rathi, Taylor Renee, Anthony Reganato, Matt Rhoades, Erika Richards, Christine A Ritchie, Maria Rohrer, MØTH Roth, Lusine Saakyan Art, Cynthia Saide, Lee Sautereau, Emma Schutte, Steve Seagren, Oleksandr Serdiuk, Parker Seward, Fatima Shahzad, Ana Sharma, Hailey Sherman, Ayako Shiraishi, Leslie Singer, Hummingbird Sirois, Konverse Sketch, Elizabeth Sloas, Wendy Smith, Valerie Sosa, Tabitha Sterner, Kathleen Moore Streitenberger, Amanda Strickland, Jennifer Strulowitz, Jennifer Sugarman, Alli Suter, Ilina Todorova-Moreno, Adriana Toso, Debbie Tracey, Caitlin Tremblay, Annie Tull, Cynthia Uden, Kelly Urquhart, Minnie Valero, MaryAnn Valla, Jos Weeks, Jolyn Wells-Moran, Allison Wenig, Terry Willis, Donna Wise, Emily Wolter, Marjorie Wood Hamlin, Beka Wueste, Bette Yozell Studio, Barbara J. Zipperer, Eric Zoback, and Igor Zusev

Call for Entries

Forgetting Room
Open Theme

Upcoming Show

Online Exhibition
Submission Deadline: June 20
Exhibition: July 1 - 31, 2021

"The viewpoints and experiences that come with age are invaluable lessons to us all on how to live life -  and live it well."


This online exhibition is open to any and all artists 50 years old or older. All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur will be considered in this call for art. 


Works in Acrylic, Airbrush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Encaustic, Fiber Art, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pastel, Photography (Traditional and Digital), and Watercolor, will be considered.


Note: All artists who submit to this show will be accepted and have at least one of their submitted works posted and promoted on our website.

Jury approved artwork will be offered an opportunity to take advantage of our promotional marketing. You will receive an email if your artwork is chosen to take part in this program at which point you can either opt-in or decline it.

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