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Are you interested in showing your work at Las Laguna Gallery?
There are two ways to submit your art to us......



To apply to a Call for Entry you must leave our website and go to CAFÉ and create an account.
You will add all your details and upload your images, add information about your images and then you can submit your artwork to our “Call to Entry”


The enty fee for this site Is $35 for the first submission and $2 for each additional image up to 15 can be submitted.

CAFÉ is a website operated by Western States Arts Federation and it is completely FREE for artists to register.

You will need some basic computer skills to get signed on, but once you understand their system you will wishing you learned about it sooner.

Once you register, you will get regular notifications about exhibition opportunities, grants and residencies.

You can search for our Call for Entry and enter.


CAFÉ stores all your images, your resume and your artist’s statement. Applying to other juried shows and grants is easy once you are set up in their system. 

Please set aside about an hour to get through the process.


Please note: We are not requesting the originals at this time; the submission of your image allows us to determine if your work is a fit for the theme of the show.




The entry fee for this site is a total of $35 for 3 images.  Please note: it is that price for 1 or 2 or 3 but 3 is the max you can submit.  If you are wanting to submit more than 3 than you have to use CAFÉ .   Please also note that only the first title you enter will show up so it may look like all 3 didn't go in but all of them will be in the file.  I am working on getting that changed but for now only the first title  will show.


To apply using Submittable it' all done on our website.  Above you will see the tab for CALL FOR ENTRY.  Click on the show you wish to apply to, when you do that then it will say Click Here to Apply.  When you click on it will ask you to make a free account in Submittable.  At that time it will take you through the easy steps to download your information and apply to the show.  This site is very easy to use and submit work to. 



Link to Submittable-

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