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Artist Gallery Agreement


ENTRY FEES (Non-refundable Application Fees):
Three images for $35
- Submittable

First Image for $35; $2 each additional image up to 15.- CAfe

This agreement (the “Agreement”) is hereby entered by and between LAS LAGUNA GALLERY and the undersigned (“ARTIST”). In exchange for the presentation of my artwork in a gallery or online, I hereby agree to the following:

1. Las Laguna Gallery will exhibit my artwork(s) either at an exhibition at the LAS LAGUNA GALLERY located in Orange County or online on the LAS LAGUNA GALLERY webpage (

2. The artwork(s) exhibited and/or represented by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY pursuant to this Agreement are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “ARTWORK” and refers to those artworks submitted by ARTIST to LAS LAGUNA GALLERY and accepted by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY FOR exhibition.

3. In exchange for LAS LAGUNA GALLERYS’ exhibition of ARTIST’S Work, ARTIST grants LAS LAGUNA GALLERY the right to represent ARTIST in the subsequent sale of the “ARTWORK” by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY.

4. TERM: The term of this Agreement begins when ARTIST’S “WORK” is submitted to LAS LAGUNA GALLERY for exhibition. Submission can be completed either electronically by pressing the “submit” button on a winning Artist Statement Form or by any other means. Upon mutual agreement between LAS LAGUNA GALLERY and ARTIST, any “ARTWORK” that ARTIST has created but which is not exhibited by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY may also become “ARTWORK” to be represented by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY pursuant to the terms of this Agreement

5. If any Buyer is introduced to ARTIST’S “ARTWORK” through LAS LAGUNA GALLERY, any eventual sale resulting from that introduction shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement.

6. COMMISSION: The following commission/payment terms will apply to each subject “ARTWORK” sold by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY: 65% (payment to ARTIST), 35% (commission to LAS LAGUNA GALLERY.
By signing this document, ARTIST agrees to each stipulation as outlined in this Agreement.

7. LAS LAGUNA GALLERY reserves the right to determine the terms of payment (cash, bank card, deferred or installment). For cash or bank card sale, the Gallery shall pay the Artist all proceeds due the Artist within thirty-one (31) days of sale. If LAS LAGUNA GALLERY accepts installment payment sales, ARTIST agrees to accept partial payments as received by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY. “ARTWORK” will not be released by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY to Buyer until full payment is received.

8. ARTISTS outside the United States are responsible for any exchange rate charges or bank transfer charges. Please price works accordingly.

9. ARTIST retains ownership of all “ARTWORK” represented by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY until such “ARTWORK” is sold pursuant to the terms of this Agreement or otherwise. ARTIST retains copyright to all consigned artwork in perpetuity, as governed by law. LAS LAGUNA GALLERY shall take steps necessary to insure that the Artist's notice of copyright is projected and included in all documentation.

10. Retail sales price for each “ARTWORK” will be established by the ARTIST. ARTIST is to include gallery commission in the price listed.

11. LAS LAGUNA GALLERY will exert all reasonable efforts to close sales of represented “ARTWORK”. ARTIST agrees to provide LAS LAGUNA GALLERY, in a timely fashion and upon request, with any necessary documents or information in support of sales.

12. ARTIST will maintain insurance for fire/vandalism, and affirms that all “ARTWORK” will be covered by said insurance while in LAS LAGUNA GALLERIES’ possession. In no event shall LAS LAGUNA GALLERY be liable for any injury, loss, damage, theft or disappearance of or to property. All reasonable efforts will be made by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY to protect artwork from accidental damage or breakage. Insurance liability for accidental damage or breakage is not provided by LAS LAGUNA GALLERY.

13. MODIFICATIONS: All modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between LAS LAGUNA GALLERY and ARTIST.

14. PROMOTION: All entrants grant Las Laguna Gallery the right to use or publish images of their work to promote the art exhibits, future call for entries, videos, or the art galleries. Selected entries may be included in an our online gallery, Facebook Page, Google+ page, ArtSlant Page, FLKR, blog or other social media sites for the purpose of promoting artist and shows. I understand that my artwork may be photographed for promotional or other purposes.

15. ADDITIONAL: Please ship work in sturdy, reusable containers via UPS or Fed-Ex. No wooden crates, heavey boxes or any that need a screw driver to open.  Make sure you have included return postage or prepaid shipping.  No loose stamps, check to pay for, cash or change to purchase shipping,  It is the artists responsiblity to have return shipping in the box.  Any work left at Las Laguna Gallery 15 days after the close of the exhibition will be subject to a $5.00 per day storage fee. Any work left at Las Laguna Gallery for more than one month is subject to sale or disposal without notification.  It is the artists responsibility to contact the gallery if art is back to them in two weeks after the close of a show.

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