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Many artists cringe at the thought of writing an artist statement, but this essential document provides additional information that may persuade and inform your viewer.  It is important that you include a copy of your artist statement when you send your “ARTWORK”.


LAS LAGUNA GALLERY  Many times viewers have questions about the works that they see in our gallery and having artist statement on the wall next to the artwork affords a reference point for visitors to learn more about you as an artist.

Although we don’t try to limit the length of these statements, please keep the viewer in mind. If your statement is too long there is a good chance they will not read it. Try to keep it to two or three paragraphs.


The Artist Statement is where you can explain your process or mediums and help the viewer get a more in depth understanding of your work.  Explore in writing your ideas, events, influences, or things that led to the epiphany that made you craft your “ARTWORK”.

The Artist Statement is NOT a bio. A bio is where you outline the number of shows you have been in and the type of awards you have received. If you would like to include a bio when you are accepted, put it with your work when it is shipped to our gallery.


Use spell-check.
Use a thesaurus to make sure that you are not repeating words.
Try to paint a mental picture with your words that affords the viewer a better insight of why you created this work.
Explain why you use the materials that you use.
Explain your influences.




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