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2023 - Climate Changing

Climate Changing
Online Exhibition

Deadline: January 15, 2022
Notification: January 28, 2022

Exhibition: February 2 to 25, 2023

Artist Reception: February 2, 2023
Commission: 65% to the Artist
$35 for up to 3 images

Las Laguna Gallery presents Climate Changing.

For this in-gallery and online exhibition the gallery is seeking

works that explore subjects related to climate change.


Works for this show can explore the various solutions or problems with the current issues of climate. Ideally the works could convey an idea that climate action is urgent and attainable. The goal of this exhibition is to engage, encourage and inspire individuals and businesses to act.

All local, national, and international artists, professional and amateur will be considered in this call for art.

Acceptable mediums include Acrylic, Airbrush, Bronze, Ceramic, Charcoal, Collage, Color Pencil, Computer Art, Digital Art, Digital Photography, Drawings, Encaustic, Fiber Arts, Glass Art, Graphite, Gouache, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Pastel, Pen and Ink, Photo Assemblage, Printmaking, Sculpture, Traditional Photography, Video, or Watercolor.​ 

Note: All artists who submit to this show will be accepted and have at least one of their submitted works posted and promoted on our website and to our client list. 

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