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We often receive requests for assistance in pricing art. We are a gallery and if we chose your work for an inclusion to a show it is either because we think it will sell or we think that it has value to our audience even if it doesn’t sell.


Our ultimate goal is to sell artwork. There is however no good answer for the question of “What is the best price for my “ARTWORK”. Art is subjective and prices are often driven my emotion. Sometimes people find an artist whom they think is a rising star and they buy your work because they think it has the potential in increase in the future. While your work is in our care we will do our utmost job to promote, advertise and sell your work.


We suggest that you be realistic and try to detach yourself from the emotional inclination to overprice your work. Consider the following factors:


What is your goal as an artist?
Is this a full time or part time job?
Itemize the actual costs (ie: canvas, paper, matting, framing) excluding your time.
How much time did it take to crate the work?
What will it cost to box, ship and deliver work to our gallery?
How many works do you create each month?
How many works have you sold thus far?
What kind of reputation do you have?
How much experience do you have?
How many years have you been creating art?
Is it better to sell a work at a reasonable price or to get the highest price you can for a work?
If you were selected to be in our exhibition and then selected Not For Sale (NFS) what is your goal in showing your work?

NOTE:  We will deduct 35% commission*, so please add that into your final price.
The price you provide to us on the Artist Gallery Statement is the price we will place on the Artist Tag near your work.
You will need to do the math and add the 35% to the price of your work.


There is no right or wrong answers but once you have answered these questions you should have a better idea of how to price your work.
Consider one more thing; if your work sells we will contact you in attempts to obtain more work to show.
How many other works to you have ready and available to ship?


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