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Apply to a Call

Apply to a Call

Are you interested in showing your work at Las Laguna Art Gallery?
There are two ways to submit your art to us...


To apply to a Call for Entry you must leave our website and go to CAFÉ and create an account.
You will add all your details and upload your images, add information about your images and then you can submit your artwork to our “Call to Entry” by going to their tab FIND CALLS and type in Las Laguna Art Gallery or simply return to our website and enter our calls using the CAFÉ button under each call we list.

The entry fee for this site Is $35 for the first submission and $2 for each additional image. Up to 15 images can be submitted.

CAFÉ is a website operated by Western States Arts Federation and it is completely FREE for artists to register.

You will need some basic computer skills to get signed on, but once you understand their system you will be wishing you learned about it sooner.

Once you register, you will get regular notifications about exhibition opportunities, grants and residencies.

You can search for our Call for Entry and enter.


CAFÉ stores all your images, your resume and your artist’s statement. Applying to other juried shows and grants is easy once you are set up in their system. 

Please set aside about an hour to get through the process.

Please note: We are not requesting the originals at this time; the submission of your image allows us to determine if your work is a fit for the theme of the show.



The entry fee for this site is a total of $35 for 3 images.  Please note: it is that price for 1 or 2 or 3 but 3 is the max you can submit.  If you are wanting to submit more than 3 than you have to use CAFÉ .   Please also note that only the first title you enter will show up so it may look like all 3 didn't go in but all of them will be in the file.  I am working on getting that changed but for now only the first title  will show.


Applying using Submittable will all be done on our website.  Within our navigation menu above, you will see the button for CALL FOR ENTRY.  This page will highlight each call for entry and will offer a description along with a CAFÉ submission button and a Submittable submission button. If you click on Submittable, it will ask you to make a free account in Submittable.  At that time it will take you through the easy steps to download your information and apply to the show.  This site is easy to navigate and to submit work. 



Link to Submittable-

How to Format an Image

How to Format an Image

Framing Requirements

Las Laguna Gallery uses CaFÉ™ to handle gallery submissions.

Once you join the CaFÉ™ site you will have the ability to upload and store your images, audio and video and submit your works to various galleries.

Your portfolio can store the following file types:

Image: JPEG
Audio:: AIFF, WAV, XMF, MP3
Video:: 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, ASF, MPG, MP4, M2T, MKV, M2TS

How to resize large image files using Photoshop or a comparable image editor

Start by opening your original image file in Photoshop.

Go to File > Open > choose image
Go to Image > Image Size


In the Image Size Dialogue Box:

Step 1 > Change the Resolution to 72 pixels/inch.
Step 2 > Change either H or W Pixel Dimension to no less than 1920 pixels.
Step 3 > Click OK

Go to File > Save for Web or Save As

If you are uncertain about Pixels or Pixel dimensions, please visit this page to more details:

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to resize an image in Photoshop.



Online File Converters for Audio, Video, and Document Files

This online file conversion, covering a wide range of different image, document, music, video and compression formats. Free for files up to 100 MB.


Online-Converter Convert video, images, audio and documents for free with this fast online converter.

Online Image Editors

Adobe Photoshop


Sumo Paint

How to Package Artwork
How to Price My Artwork
Framing Requirements

All artwork submitted and delivered to LAS LAGUNA ART GALLERY must be presented ready-to-hang on a wall. You should be placing the framing wire between 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down.

Please do not use saw tooth hangers or anything other than wire if at all possible. We understand that for smaller pieces a sawtooth hanger may be the only option. If this is the case, please contact our gallery to find another option.

Do not attempt to add a wire hanger to a frame that is not designed for it or that the frame is too thin for a wire hanger.
Do NOT try to drill a tiny hole, twist in an eye hook and attach a wire. Inevitably that will come loose or break and your work will crash to the ground.

Unframed canvas pieces are acceptable as long as they are ready to hang with wire hangers. If you are preparing a canvas work, please take the time to consider how it will hang. When choosing to wire a canvas artwork, please place the eye hooks on the inside of the stretcher bar or use D-rings. This way your artwork will hang flush to the wall.

LAS LAGUNA ART GALLERY reserves the right to not hang your artwork if you choose to not wire it appropriately. If your work is delivered not ready to hang, we may call you and negotiate a preparation fee.

You may deliver your artwork framed with or without glass/plexiglass and with or without a mat.

All photographic prints and easy-to-wrap artwork must be properly mounted. If you deliver an artwork that is warped, we cannot hang it.

Please review our instructions on HOW TO PACKAGE ARTWORK.

Make sure that your canvas artwork has been stretched well. Nobody likes a sagging painting.

Please inspect your works prior to sending them. Are there fingerprints on the inside of the glass? Is there dust or dirt caught between your art and the glass? You can use canned air to help remove them.

If possible, please use archival materials in making and presenting your artwork. This ensures your artwork will last.

Try to use stainless steel braided picture wire for the back of the artwork.

Please check and make sure that the screws you use are placed securely into the back of the frame.  Artist will be responsible for any damage to other artwork if the wire is not securely attached.  If the wire isn't secure and comes apart or if it breaks and falls then hits art under it as it comes down, then that artist will be responsible for all damage caused. So please double check your wire.

Las Laguna Art Gallery YouTube Page

How to Hang a Painting

How to Package Artwork for Shipping

Your artwork is valuable.  Once you have been accepted into an exhibition, it is important to take time to consider proper shipping procedures for your artwork. Failure to properly package your artwork may result in damages and loss. We propose that you invest in good packing materials for shipping your artwork to galleries. Ideally your work will be sent to the gallery and sold at the opening, but truthfully that is not always the case. This is why you will need to consider reusable packaging materials.



There are many types of boxes for shipping your artwork. We prefer STRONGBOX clam-shell boxes by Airfloat Systems. But they are NOT required.  We do not accept heavy boxes or wooden crates of any kind and absolutely no screws.  If your box requires a screw driver it will not be accepted.  We will not open and we will send it directly back to you. STRONGBOX boxes are reinforced, easy to open, and re-usable.  Please reference the link above for additional details. We understand that not everybody can afford these boxes so there are other options, of course. You will want a sturdy box that is reusable and we suggest using a MIRROR BOX as a secondary option. Again, nothing heavy or that takes screws. Mirror boxes can be found at moving and rental centers. You can often locate sturdy flat sheets of corrugated cardboard from mattress or furniture stores. You may also try your local framing shop.


Select a box making sure that you have about 2 inches of bubble wrap between your piece and the outside of the box. This will ensure enough cushioning. NO WOODEN CRATES WITH SCREWS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

It is important that you explore the best materials to protect your artwork. There are great packing materials available for protecting fragile items, but remember that packing peanuts are NEVER acceptable. Packing peanuts are messy and often settle leaving your valuable artwork susceptible to damage. Please do not send us work packed in this manner it will be sent back to you and will not be apart of the show.

Proper padding ensures that your artwork is protected. Once you have made certain that your work is dry we suggest that you wrap your work first with acid-free tissue paper. We suggest enough to cover both the front and the back of your work.


Bubble wrap or upholstery foam makes for excellent padding. Please take special care when using bubble wrap for canvas painting. We have had many artists report damages to their works from bubble wrap.


Please use masking tape or painters tape to secure bubble wrap not clear packing tape.


Packaging tape should be used on the outside of a box only. Do not use packaging tape to hold bubble wrap or foam together.  Packaging tape is not friendly to your piece or the gallery. It can accidentally stick to your artwork and damage it and can be time consuming and difficult to open a package that has too much packaging tape. Too much tape on the box can actually increase the risk of damage because the person will have to use more force if it’s very difficult to open.


If your framed work has glass, tape the face of your work using Painters tape or Glass-skin. This will help protect your work in case the shipper drops your work. Do NOT use masking tape as it leaves a nasty residue on the face of the glass and our gallery staff does not have the manpower to fix this.


Wrap the work with acid-free tissue paper. Don’t be stingy, but don’t overdo it.  No mummy wrapping Please!


Put a layer of cardboard or acid free foam core board on the front and a layer on the back of the artwork. Make sure this cardboard is slightly bigger than the entire work to help protect the edges. This will help protect the corners of your artwork in the case that it is dropped during shipping. Tape the cardboard together with masking tape. Please do not overdo it. If you can get cardboard corners, use them. They will help protect the edges of your work.


Wrap your artwork using bubble wrap. The bubble wrap should have bubbles facing out, so that the flat side of the wrap is touching your work. Tape with Masking Tape. Do NOT overdue it. Another good option is to purchase GalleryPouch.


It is crucial that you complete a prepaid return label. You are responsible to have it done and sent in with your artwork. If your artwork arrives without a prepaid label, we will not be able to hang your work.  One option to get your prepaid label is to go to an actual UPS shipping center. You can also visit UPS online and print out your own prepaid label using your home printer. You will first need to register with UPS online to get an account number. If your only option is to go to a mailing store that accepts UPS packages, then before you go you'll need to go to UPS online and get an account.  UPS will will send you an account number. Bring your account number with you to the store.

Please do NOT send stamps to return your work. This is unprofessional and messy.
Please make sure to select Signature Confirmation on your Return Label. This ensures that your valuable artwork is not simply left on your porch. You may have to pick up your work at FedEx or UPS, but it is better than a stray package left on your porch.  If you are filling out a form to use for your pre-paid label you have to fill in or or no other option then get us your account number for UPS or FedEx online. If we don't have at least an account number then we will look at it as NO return shipping provided and will not hang your work.

All work needs to be picked up within two days of the close of the show.  Any work left at Las Laguna Gallery more than 15 days after the close of the exhibition will be subject to a $5.00 per day storage fee. Any work left at Las Laguna Gallery for more than one month is subject to sale or disposal without notification.  If your box is not shipped back to you in approximately 2 weeks after the end of the show, then it is your responsibility to contact us to see when it was sent out.  No more not sending prepaid label and months later asking about your work and wanting it then to be sent back.  I will be getting rid of art left here with no return label after 30 days without written notice.  We have no room to store work that is just left.

The exception to this is if you have been selected to show work year round on outside rack only.

Ideally your work will sell during the exhibition. - If your artwork does not sell we will need to return your work. Please make sure to include a box that can be re-used for shipping back to the client.

How to Price My Artwork

We often receive requests for assistance in pricing art. We are a gallery and if we chose your work for an inclusion to a show it is either because we think it will sell or we think that it has value to our audience even if it doesn’t sell.

Our ultimate goal is to sell artwork. While your work is in our care we will do our best to promote, advertise and sell your work. However, with the question of “What is the best price for my artwork?"—this can be difficult to answer. Art is subjective and prices are often driven by emotion. We suggest that you be realistic and try to detach yourself from the emotional inclination to overprice your work. Consider the following factors:

What is your goal as an artist?
Is this a full time or part time job?
Itemize the actual costs (ie: canvas, paper, matting, framing) excluding your time.
How much time did it take to crate the work?
What will it cost to box, ship and deliver work to our gallery?
How many works do you create each month?
How many works have you sold thus far?
What kind of reputation do you have?
How much experience do you have?
How many years have you been creating art?
Is it better to sell a work at a reasonable price or to get the highest price you can for a work?
If you were selected to be in our exhibition and then selected Not For Sale (NFS) what is your goal in showing your work?

NOTE:  We will deduct 35% commission*, so please add that into your final price.
The price you provide to us on the Artist Gallery Statement is the price we will place on the Artist Tag near your work.
You will need to do the math and add the 35% to the price of your work.


There is no right or wrong answers but once you have answered these questions you should have a better idea of how to price your work. Consider one more thing; if your work sells we will contact you in attempts to obtain more work to show.
How many other works do you have ready and available to ship?


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